Yettie's Coffee and Chicken Corner

Welcome to My New Blog. We will humorously discuss at length Coffee, Dogs, Food, Music, Sports, Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Chickens, Dealing with Grief and Loss and just MAYBE I’ll figure out WHY I am the way that I am, Blog…lol.

Cancer Chronicles Always a Fly in the Ointment

Hello Readers near and far. A fair amount has happened since I last wrote. If I recall correctly, I was preparing to go on vacation and then have my lumpectomy performed the Monday after my return. I had every intention of going away, resting, relaxing, visiting with my Aunt and Uncle, antiquing, blueberry picking, visitingContinue reading “Cancer Chronicles Always a Fly in the Ointment”

Cancer Chronicles – A Little Nostalgia 08/07/21

Hi all. I decided a little distraction was needed. Consequently, I turned to my second favorite medium… audio-visual, which then in turn inspired my first and favorite medium. (Obviously, audio or playing music myself is my first). I subscribed to Hulu last month and promptly discovered “McCartney 3, 2, 1” – which I must sayContinue reading “Cancer Chronicles – A Little Nostalgia 08/07/21”

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Day One. 01/01/20

Hello Everyone.

Yes, this is my typical greeting. Yes, Today really is January 1st, 2020. No, I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I guess I’ll figure that part out.

A little bit about me…

Like many of us, I struggle with “stuff”. Some of it is big, some of it small, some is just RIDICULOUS! For those of you who know me, you have the dress rehearsal advantage. You are familiar with my rhythm of speech, my expressions and my humor. The rest of you are about to become acquainted with my brain very quickly. You’ll either like it and laugh your head off, or you’ll never read me again. Either way is okay. I certainly do not expect EVERYONE to worship me as Goddess of the Universe. In truth, I do not want anyone to worship me – it truly is just a figure of speech, in the never-ending smartaleck stream of consciousness that is in my head. God help us all…

I am 55 years old. I live in Upstate NY – Snow Country. I am a Medical Technologist. For those that do not know, that is the testing of blood and body fluids in a laboratory, with the expressed interest of diagnosing and treating illness. That is NOT what this blog will be about. Certainly, there will be times when we do hit on it, as it is a huge part of my life. But we will not go into personal question and answer.

I am a Mom. I am divorced… (but I do NOT live in a VAN down by THE RIVER…). Seriously though, I have three wonderful, grown children. Two are married – my daughter has married the nicest young man any Mom could want for her daughter and my youngest son has married a lovely young woman. My eldest son is a confirmed bachelor. I have a little dog. She is a Shih-poo. Half Shihtzu and half toy poodle. Her name is Audrey. She is black and white. She is very loving and loyal – she’s also the most Alpha little dog I’ve ever met. I did not make her that way or spoil her – she walked into my house that way. She cascaded in as if to say, “Hello Peasants. Your Queen as arrived”. She weighed 4 pounds then, she weighs 7.5 pounds now. She thinks she is a Great Dane. I also have two grand-dogs – Chloe and Winnifreddie Mercury aka. Fred.

Coffee: I love coffee. I am a black coffee drinker. I can drink it hot or cold. I prefer hot. I do like it full tilt, but seeing as I can gain weight like no one else on the entire planet, I stick the most low cal version available.

Chickens: I do not have chickens- yet. I live in town and chickens are not allowed. However, when asked as a small child “What do YOU want to be when you grow Up”, I replied ” I want to marry a farmer named Tom and have a farm with chickens”. Maybe it was from listening to the Beatles song “Good Morning” on Sgt. Pepper so many times – idk. But I have had a thing for chickens for a long time.

Corners: As for “Corners” I think that stems from being Italian and Sicilian. Maybe it’s from watching the Godfather too many times, but I am not comfortable sitting at a table with my back to the room. I really do like corner tables. Ask my former coworkers. Lol.

Other: I am tall, I’m also pretty chunky. I have battled my weight for the last 15 years or so. Thus far, IT has won. I, on the other hand, am SICK of it. So today began Day One in “Changing me from the inside out” -again. I am once again, doing an Atkins-like/Low carb-high protein meal plan. That does work for me. Being tempted with some of the plans that say you can two oreos… I’m sorry. Oprah said the greatest thing ever some years ago. She said on her show that she did not want TWO OREOES!!! She wanted the WHOLE SLEEVE!! Well dog gone it!! That makes two of us. I loves oreos – especially the double stuff ones. I like to make QUAD STUFFERS with them. You take two, take off the chocolate cookie part and put the insides together, It’s a double double stuff-QUAD STUFFER – just awesome.

So like I started to say, I struggle with “stuff”. The biggest thing I struggle with (I think) is my weight. I absolutely hate it. Like the Grinch (Jim Carrey), “Hate. Hate. HateHateHate. Double Hate… LOATHE ENTIRELY”. I have successfully lost and regained 30-45 pounds several times over the last several years. I do not want to do this anymore. I suppose if I lay off the oreos and all my favorite other foods I gravitate towards when I’m out of sorts, I’ll throw some weight off. I will admit to being an emotional eater. I eat every.single.feeling that I have. It’s horrid unhealthy. Hate it. So instead of crabbing about it or crying about it or worse self-deprecating about it, I thought hey…maybe I should DO something about it. Well sheesh… THERE’S a novel idea. I’d mentioned to my Mom during dinner tonight – (I live with my mom-that’s for another day), that maybe I should start a blog. I’ll write about all this crap in my head, make people laugh that are going through the same crap. We’ll get through all this CRAP together. Someone “IMPORTANT” will read my (CRAP) blog, publish it as a book. I’ll get a movie deal and be rich. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I do not expect that to happen. However, if I am able to encourage anyone who is going through said crap…great. I need a place with which to put my thoughts and feelings on things. I think – a LOT. I’ve been told I think too much. I wanted to tell that person to…well it wasn’t nice. This WILL be a NICE blog. It will be funny, it will be honest, it may intense. I’m sure the content will make ME cry. I’m trying to find a way to work through things that I haven’t figured out how to work through. I do a lot of that with humor. I hope you find it humorous too. We’ll laugh, cry, drink our coffee or tea (which ever warm or cold beverage brings you comfort).